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snowmobile PATRUL
buran fourstroke transformer uni


Logo RM „RUSSKAYA MEKHANIKA“ company is the manufacturer of snowmobiles TAJGA and BURAN, Approximately 10000 of these units come from the plant each year.

It is a 100% affiliated company of NPO „SATURN“ specialized in development, production and servicing of airplane and rocket engines.   The snowmobiles have been produced in the Jaroslavska region in Rybinsk (approx. 400 km north of Moscow) since 1971.

The TAJGA series joined the BURAN production line in 1999. These machines meet all European specifications and quality, safety and environmental friendliness standards. They integrate components produced by prestigious manufacturers from around the world  - the Italian ignition system DUCATI  ENERGIA, Japanese  carburettors and pumps Mikuni, Austrian pistons Konig, American skies Comoplast, Czech actuator motors Magneton. Thanks to this worldwide cooperation, we can introduce the brand new product - TUNGUS snowmobile with four-stroke engine.

ROSIMPEX Co Ltd from the Czech Republic has been acting as the manufacturing company’s authorized importer for countries of the Central Europe since 1999. It organizes sales and service networks, spare parts distribution and certification in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany and Austria.

výrobní hala RM výrobní hala RM veletrh INTERMOUNTAIN typická zaměstnankyně RM ;-)