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TTM 4901 

Heavy two-sectional tracked vehicle with great range and great tolerance for even the hardest terrain. It is designed to carry people and cargo over snow-covered areas, marshlands and extreme terrain. It is amphibious. The tractor is equipped for 6 passengers (incl. driver) + one berth, trailer can be equipped according to customers wishes to transport passengers (incl. berths) or to transport up to 2500 kg of cargo.

TTM 4901 TTM 4901 TTM 4901
Basic technical parameters TTM 4901

Total weight: 16000 kg.
Unladen weight: 13500 kg
Carrying weight: 2500 kg.
Max. speed 48 km/h
Capacity of fuel tanks: up to 1000 l.
Proportions of train: Length 11570 mm; Width 2930 mm, Height 2600 mm
Ground clearance: min. 400 mm, Track width 2180 mm
Russian diesel engine KamAZ-740.14, power output 221 kW
Gearbox: manual.
Turning radius: 9,95 m

Price depends on currency rates. We will gladly inform you about exact price.
TTM 4901 TTM 4901 TTM 4901