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snowmobile PATRUL
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Tracked amphibious vehicle for up to 5 persons (driver incl.) and cargo (cargo space can be enlarged at the expense of rear seats). Its constructed around the cabin of the "Russian jeep" UAZ and special crawler with soft rubber tracks suitable (without major excessive wear) for tarmac roads. It is designed for movement on snow. Advantages of this model are: smaller proportions, manoeuvrability and better comfort for passengers. It is suitable for transportation of guests to remote hotels and apartment hotels and supply runs. It can be used by an officer in charge or a medicine doctor.
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Basic technical parameters UCHTYŠ ZVM 2410

Total weight: 3200 kg
Unladen weight: 2700 kg
Carrying weight: 500 kg
Max. speed 60 km/h
Capacity of fuel tanks 130 l (2x 65 l)
Length 4195 mm; Width 2055 mm, Height 2050 mm
Ground clearance 400 mm, Track width 1.655 mm
Russian diesel engine ZMZ-514, power output 78 kW
Gearbox: four-speed, reducer
Tracks: 2x width 400 mm

Price depends on currency rates. We will gladly inform you about exact price.
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