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snowmobile PATRUL
buran fourstroke transformer uni


The Rosimpex company introduces to an European market a medium-weight all-terrain tracked vehicle UZOLA.
It is designed for people and cargo transportation over snow covered terrain or even marshlands. It is suitable for transportation of guests to remote hotels and mountain resorts and supply runs. It can be used as a rescue vehicle and take soldiers or firemen to their destination. It is able to carry wounded persons.
uzola osobní uzola nákladní uzola kombinovaná
– passenger
– cargo
– combined
all metal single compartment cabin of the „coach“ type on a special crawler, capacity up to
7 persons including the driver
two seat cabin with independent cargo space. five seat cabin with a smaller cargo space
Basic technical parameters model UZOLA ZVM 2411 P – passenger transport:

Engine: Well proven DIESEL of Japanese company ISUZU JX 4933ZLU with the power output of approx. 81 kW

Special crawler with universal rubber tracks suitable for tarmac roads.

Independent engine pre-heater and frame for winch
in base price

Total weight: 3360 kg
Unladen weight: 2800 kg
Carrying weight: 560 kg, up to 7 passengers
incl. the driver
Max. speed 65 km/h
Capacity of fuel tanks 130 l (2x 65 l)
Length 4.655 mm; Width 2.070 mm,
Height 2.155 mm
Ground clearance 400 mm,
Track width 1.655 mm
Japanese diesel engine ISUZU,
power output 81 kW
Gearbox: four-speed, reducer
Tracks: 2x width 400 mm

Approximate price of the base version: approx. 60.420,- € + VAT

Price depends on currency rates. We will gladly inform you about exact price.
Delivery date: approx. 45 days after firm order

Optional accessories:
* Electric winch: approx.  2.085,- €
* Independent cabin heater: approx. 2.295,- €
* Roof cargo frame with a ladder: approx. 710,- €

* Additional sound insulation of the cabin: approx. 1.460,- €
uzola osobní uzola osobní uzola osobní uzola osobní
uzola nákladní uzolan ákladní uzola kombinovaná uzola kombinovaná